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Dissidia Aces Round 1: Jusqua vs. Rydia

DissidiaAces R1: vs Rydia
by *The-Z on deviantART

I went ahead and submitted this, though I was holding off for the deadline because I wanted it to be a surprise. Since I wasn't sure how busy I was going to be tomorrow, it's better I submitted sooner than later. This was a fun way to do a versus match. And now, I have a cute little card of Jusqua!pig for my very own <3

Jusqua has leveled up. Jusqua has learned BACON!
Jusqua: e_e .oO (burning hate)
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Dream Journal

Wow. I had a dream that I murdered a pushy salesman who broke into my house because I rudely refused him on my way out to do errands. I guess he was having a tough time meeting his quota and he tried to intimidate me to accept his offer. I choked him on top of a pizza box he brought when he attempted to disguise himself as a delivery boy.

Somehow, I managed a Dexter-like unbloody dissection and processed him in to parts. There was a big pot of cooked bits that I had drained off only minutes before the cops arrived. I had planned to pour it down a sewer drain, but I decided at the last minute to disguise it as soup. The bones I ground up after I boiled them and used them to fertilize the garden. What wouldn't be ground, I had some ingenious plan for that I can't remember right now.

The police came over for several investigations since the salesman had a route on the street. I managed to lie and keep a poker face and stopped just short of offering them some soup.

Paranoia kept me on the edge of sleeping for about two hours after the dream.

And then I woke up bleeding.

Uh... Happy Easter?
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(no subject)

(warning, female nudity)
I don't need another project. And what's more, people will just think I'm getting in on the hype of the recent Red Riding Hood movie. Then again, subverting fairy tales for modern sensibilities is nothing at all new. I was just doodling this afternoon and came up with this. Ideas tumbled in after it. I really want to do a one-shot comic of this.

Mother sends Red out to bring goodies to Grandma. She's intercepted by a wolf, but turns him away. The wolf decides to go the easy route and eats Grandma, planning to eat Red, too. Red arrives. "What big teeth you have," the wolf tears her to pieces and the gruesome scene is discovered by the woodsman who reports it to her mother.

And then things get interesting...
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Setting a good example

nockergeek says, "...my rice and beans have disintegrated into a semi-homogenous glop. :("
nockergeek says, "I dunno if I can eat this. T_T"
tim_almasy says, "EAT IT."
nockergeek says, "..."
nockergeek says, "Don't wanna."
tim_almasy says, "It's what it turns into in your stomach. c_c"
nockergeek says, "Okay, yeah, didn't turn out good. XP"
nockergeek says, "Old beans and rice, bad. :( Need to find suitable veggie lunch. :/"
the_z says, "I ate that yesterday. It's fine!"
nockergeek says, "It doesn't taste at all pleasing today for some reason."
nockergeek says, "I tried to eat it, and it's just not working for me."
the_z says, "Feel the sacrifice."
nockergeek says, "My sacrifice will be skipping lunch, then."
the_z says, "Eat 4 more spoons."
the_z says, "Then you can leave the table."
nockergeek says, "I throw myself down."
tim_almasy rolls a d20 for Blank. "You miss the ground."
the_z dies.
nockergeek says, "I can fly!"